Wallpapers Deluxe

New wallpapers will be posted three times per week and each one will be guaranteed to be awesome! Submit by clicking the links below. Most of the content I will post will not be my own work Enjoy!

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Doctor Who wallpaper!
Alley by the Lake - Leonid Afremov
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Chillin like Villains <— Click that to download it! :D
Catch these guys here!

Returning On FEB 16th :D

Hi everyone! I’ve been on break from the blog for quite a while now but I am announcing my return on the 16th of February! I’ve been grabbing great backgrounds any time I see one throughout my hiatus so get excited!

See you all on the 16th!

Happy tumblin,

Wallpapers Deluxe

Hey everyone! I apologise for not having posted anything for a while. I currently have 2 projects due in a few days and I’ve gone a few days without sleep :-| Once these projects are in, I’ll be back for more great posts!

Keep tumblin and stay cool!

-Wallpapers Deluxe

The Dark Side of the Moon
Download this beauty right here! ¿ -_-_- ?
Happy balls :D
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The Burning Astronaut
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